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After having cloned the NFUR wiki template, this page explains how you can modify your wiki's page that was created from Welcome.


You can modify this page as you like. Take note of techniques described in the Wikidot Handbook: Editing for beginners, in particular:

If you want to offer your wiki also for cloning, mind the page limit.
In this case, do not remove the page counter and the clone button.

Note that after cloning, your wiki is private which means that no one can see or edit it, except you and the people you invite.

Landing page and other wiki settings

The landing page of your wiki has name "start" as it was created from


and it will serve as the landing page of your wiki. It will also be reached via the "Home" button at the left hand side of the top navigation bar.

You can change the landing page via the "_admin" panel, by navigating to


then selecting "General Settings" and "Wiki Settings", and opening the "Advanced Settings" menu:
The Wiki Settings page

You can also adapt the other settings as you wish.

For instance, when your wiki is ready for the outside world, make it "closed" or "open" via the _admin panel (Security > Access policy).

Next steps

Next you must set all page categories according to your wishes, and create wiki pages in accordance with your target audiences.

We explore how to adapt the page categories and wiki pages in the order of the menu in the top navigation bar.

After adapting categories and pages, you will need to also adapt the top navigation menu. How to do this is explained in Site manager tasks.

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