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1- Achieving Cohesion in Value Orientations

The lack of cohesion in value orientations in the respective cultural (better: socio-technical) parts of the world has been indicated as a root of the global sustainability crisis1.

Cohesion in value orientations are seen as a property of an order, in which people decide on their individual and collective actions.
In the Entity Dictionary three such orders, with an increasing complexity, are described: the natural order, the social order, and the techno order (there is a different level of elaborateness in the description of these orders).

As the order in which people participate evolves to a more complex one, their skills and competences must evolve as well. The quality of society's institutions provide the evidence that sufficient skills and competences are present. In many developing countries, the skill&competence base may not develop fast enough to counterbalance the private sector ferment that comes with the participation of some in a global economy.

The multiple failures of contemporary institutions is at play in many crises.

On the global scale, it is an hypothesis that this is due to our political class' inability to cope with the complexities prevalent in the order of the techno-globe2: the competences and skills for civic participation prevalent in society are not (yet) capable to put in place the institutions to sufficiently discipline the interests that myopically seek private values with no regard for common values, nor regard for common risks.