Competence areas: Communications & Teamwork - Knowledge Translation - Listening Attitude - Skills
Parent: Skills
Identified skills: Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

Competence goals for Reading and writing

Basic skills in reading and writing are a prerequisite for participating actively in and meeting the challenges of working life and community life today.

The availability of educational materials and services to achieve a level of literacy in a certain language depends on the language and the availability of teachers mastering teaching in the language.

A person having the literacy skill for a language is literate in the language (both in the Ens Dictionary).

Reading means to create meaning in the widest sense and gives insight into other people’s experience, opinion and knowledge independent of time and place. Writing involves expressing oneself understandably and appropriately about different topics and communicating with others in the written mode.

  • An ability to read and write at level 1–2 includes reading and writing brief and familiar texts that one encounters frequently. Some support may be needed when reading and writing in new situations.
  • An ability to read and write at level 3 includes reading and writing comprehensible texts. One relates actively to written information and has strategies for refinement of these skills. One can use reading and writing in new situations, for learning and for solving some challenges in everyday life.
  • An ability to read and write at level 4 includes mastery of formal requirements for a diversity of texts. One reads and writes an independent, critical and flexible manner and selects strategies on the basis of settings and needs.


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