Competence areas: Communications & Teamwork - Knowledge Translation - Listening Attitude - Skills
Parent: Skills
Identified skills: Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

Competence goals for Reading and writing

Basic skills in reading and writing are a prerequisite for participating actively in and meeting the challenges of working life and community life today.

  • Level 1 describes the minimum competence needed to understand basic concepts and symbols and perform simple mathematical tasks in concrete and familiar contexts.
  • On level 2, the adult responds actively to mathematical information and can follow children’s’ schoolwork up to 4th form.
  • Level 3 describes a more independent attitude; the adult understands, uses and responds critically to more complex mathematical information in the form of numbers, symbols, graphs, figures etc. On this level, the adult can follow children’s’ schoolwork up to 7th form.

Source: and Competence goals - Numeracy (by Vox)