Competence areas: Communications & Teamwork - Knowledge Translation - Listening Attitude - Skills
Parent: Skills
Identified skills: Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

Digital skills

Digital skills involve being able to use digital tools, media and resources efficiently and responsibly, to solve practical tasks, find and process information, design digital products and communicate content.

  • Having digital skills at level 1–2 means being able to relate digital information when required and use digital tools, and being familiar with simple precautions when using the Internet.
  • Having digital skills at level 3 means being able to relate actively to digital information and use this information in new settings and situations. Digital tools and services are known and being used.
  • Having digital skills at level 4 means being a reflective user of complex digital tools and services. Production of personal ICT-based information is adapted to the situation and based on prior experience.


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