Identified Skills : Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

The 3-Apply skill description is provided for the person level arena (pico) (context, situation) in the operations realm. It addresses autonomy, influence, complexity and social skills. The skills for Monitoring & Evaluation and Change are also social skills.

For the micro, meso and macro social levels, it is concisely described which typical limitations are implied for persons having civic participation skills at level 3-Apply.

Change (Social) Learns new skills and applies newly acquired knowledge. Contributes to identifying own development opportunities.
Monitoring&Evaluation (Social) Appreciates how performance in the own role affects other roles, functions of government, a sector, and/or or a business and their performance for certain targets.
Operations Autonomy: Acts autonomously in most situations, or under general supervision in demanding situations. Uses discretion in identifying and resolving complex problems and assignments. Handles specific instructions, and may have work reviewed at frequent milestones.
Influence: The person interacts with and influences department/team members and may have working relationships with external relations. In predictable and structured environment areas may supervise others. Makes decisions which may impact on the work assigned to individuals or phases of projects.
Complexity: Performs a broad range of activities, sometimes complex and non routine, in a variety of environments.
Social skills: Understands and uses appropriate methods, tools and services at hand in a variety of environments. Demonstrates an analytical and systematic approach to problem solving; demonstrates effective oral communication and literacy skills (Level 3). Works to required standards. Appreciates the wider field of information systems.