Identified Skills : Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

The 2-Assist skill description is provided for the person level arena (pico) (context, situation) in the operations realm. It addresses autonomy, influence, complexity and social skills. The skills for Monitoring & Evaluation and Change are also social skills.

For the micro, meso and macro social levels, it is concisely described which typical limitations are implied for persons having civic participation skills at level 2-Assist.

Change (Social) Absorbs new information when it is presented systematically and applies it effectively. Identifies and negotiates own development opportunities.
Monitoring&Evaluation (Social) Is able to plan, schedule and monitor own work within short time horizons.
Operations Autonomy: Acts under routine supervision in risk-prone situations, and without supervision in familiar situations. Uses minor discretion in resolving problems or enquiries. Can act (work) without frequent reference to others.
Influence: The person interacts with immediate peers and supervising roles in interactions; (in a micro arena) he or she may have external contact with customers and suppliers. May have influence in specific familiar domains.
Complexity: The person performs a range of varied activities (typically including work) in a variety of structured environments.
Social skills: Understands and uses appropriate methods, tools and services at hand in a variety of environments, including those of information systems such as listed at Info-actant Dictionary (Wikipedia, …); is aware of issues that may exist, such as health and safety issues; demonstrates a rational and organised approach to work and life; has intermediate oral communication and literacy skills (Level 2), sufficient for effective dialogue with colleagues and peers. Is able to work in a team.