Identified Skills : Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

The 4-Enable skill description is provided for the person level arena (pico) (context, situation) in the operations realm. It addresses autonomy, influence, complexity and social skills. The skills for Monitoring & Evaluation and Change are also social skills.

For the micro, meso and macro social levels, it is concisely described which typical limitations are implied for persons having civic participation skills at level 4-Enable.

Change (Social) Rapidly absorbs new technical information and applies it effectively.
Monitoring&Evaluation (Social) Plans, schedules and monitors work to meet time and quality targets and in accordance with relevant legislation and procedures.
Operations Autonomy: Acts under general direction within a clear framework of accountability. Exercises substantial personal responsibility and autonomy. Plans own work to meet given objectives and processes.
Influence: The person influences team and specialist peers internally. Influences relations at account level. Has some responsibility for the work of others and for the allocation of resources. Participates in external activities related to the own specialism. Makes decisions which influence the success of projects and team objectives.
Complexity: Performs a broad range of complex technical or professional work activities in a variety of contexts.
Social skills: Selects appropriately from applicable standards, methods, tools and applications. Demonstrates an analytical and systematic approach to problem solving; demonstrates fluent oral communication and in writing, and can present complex technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences. Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders who share common objectives. Has a good appreciation of the wider field of information systems, their use in relevant areas and how they relate to the activities of various relations.