Identified Skills : Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

The 1-Follow skill description is provided for the person level arena (pico) (context, situation) in the operations realm. It addresses autonomy, influence, complexity and social skills. The skills for Monitoring & Evaluation and Change are also social skills.

For the micro, meso and macro social levels, it is concisely described which typical limitations are implied for persons having civic participation skills at level 1-Follow.

Change (Social) Learns new skills and applies newly acquired knowledge. Contributes to identifying own development opportunities.
Monitoring&Evaluation (Social) Compares the own performance with that of peers, for instance at school or in individual sports disciplines such as running or swimming.
Is aware that practice, such as training or exercise, will improve performance.
Operations Autonomy: Acts under supervision which is depending on the situation in which the person (and the parent, supervisor, teacher) is: close where there are risks that the person has not learned to cope with (e.g. child in a train station); routine in familiar situations with understood risks, general in secured environments (e.g., garden, playground). The person is expected to seek guidance in unexpected situations.
Influence: The person interacts with immediate peers and supervising roles in interactions, for instance a child with parents and teachers, its neighbours, etc. a worker with colleagues (this is in the micro arena).
Complexity: routine and emergent learning activities are performed in a familiar environment, with considerable predictability of factors and reactions by others; the resolving of unexpected problems requires assistance.
Social skills: uses tools and services at hand in the familiar environment, including those of information systems such as listed at Info-actant Dictionary (Wikipedia, …); demonstrates an organised approach to work and life; has basic oral communication and literacy skills (Level 1).