Identified Skills : Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

The 7-Set strategy/inspire/mobilise skill description is provided for the person level arena (pico) (context, situation) in the operations realm. It addresses autonomy, influence, complexity and social skills. The skills for Monitoring & Evaluation and Change are also social skills.

For the micro, meso and macro social levels, it is concisely described which typical limitations are implied for persons having civic participation skills at level 7-Set strategy/inspire/mobilise.

Change (Social) Communicates the potential impact of emerging technologies on organisations, sectors and individuals. Takes the initiative to keep both own and subordinates' skills up to date and to maintain an awareness of developments in IT.
Monitoring&Evaluation (Social) Analyses the risks of using or not using emerging technologies. Assess the impact of legislation and actively promotes compliance.
Operations Autonomy: Has authority and responsibility for all aspects of a significant area of work, including policy formation and application. Is fully accountable for actions and decisions made, both by self and subordinates.
Influence: Makes decisions critical to organisational success. Influences developments within the IT industry at the highest levels. Advances the knowledge and/or exploitation of IT within one or more organisations and influences relations (in industry or government) at senior management level. Develops long-term strategic relationships with customers and industry-leaders.
Complexity: Leads on the formulation and application of strategy. Applies the highest level of management and leadership skills. Has a deep understanding of the IT industry and the implications of emerging technologies for the wider business environment.
Social skills:Has a full range of strategic management and leadership skills. Understands, explains and presents complex technical ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences at all levels up to the highest in a persuasive and convincing manner. Has a broad and deep IT knowledge coupled with equivalent knowledge of the activities of those businesses (and their relations).