A detailed recent summary of the climate change talks is available from Earth Negotiations Bulletin Vol. 12 no. 472.

Drawing from the sustainable livelihoods approach, new institutionalism and Sen’s capability approach, the conceptual framework for e-Resilience and e-Adaptation proposed by Ospina and Heeks (2010) explores the role of vulnerability determinants (assets, institutions and structures), capabilities and functionings in the realisation of adaptation processes in developing contexts.

At http://www.earth-negotiations.info/value-proposition some "outsider's" observations are given, as well as many other relevant links.

The negotiating process under the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Cooperative Action under the UNFCCC (AWG-LCA) is covering a broad area, with the status of the negotiation texts of October 2009 included in a wiki at http://www.earth-negotiations.info/draft-text

Those texts could be updated to the current version in the negotations. There is a volunteer vacancy for doing this job.

Moving to the systematized content commons.

Here some of the potential roles that systematized content commons could play in supporting the climate change talks:


Ospina, A.V. and Heeks, R. (2010) Linking ICTs and Climate Change Adaptation: A Conceptual Framework for e-Resilience and e-Adaptation, Centre for Development Informatics, Univ. of Manchester, UK. url: http://www.niccd.org/ConceptualPaper.pdf