1- Leveraging existing Platforms and a new Systematization Approach

The novelty in stakeholder engagement that is advocated by the atria.us collaborative and wikiworx academy is illustrated in the social capital wikis1. The novelty is related to:

  • the use of #isicWW , #cofogWW and #WWlgu hash tags to stream content across multiple social platforms;
  • encouraging thousands of authors to ensure the curation and synthesis of each #tags content: as "in progress e-books", or as "social capital" wiki pages;
  • making use of Google+ communities and pages to ensure low-hurdle and low-burden engagement among stakeholders, and support them in learning the hashtags and social capital wiki pages;
  • encouraging the capturing and publishing content about any development initiative or open public-private interaction in a systematic way via the social capital wikis and the Actor Atlas
  • the use of reference dictionaries, for indicators, constraints, interactions, entities that matter in society.