Public content components are set up with the aim to achieve synergies in the planning and communications of development initiatives in a way that is compliant with the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning.

The public content components respond to a need for retooling recognized in the World Economic and Social Survey 2010 (see also dev-trade-integration) with further justification in Public content for the #2030Agenda.

The Public Content Platform

The proposed Public Content Platform consists of:

  • #tagcoding guidelines for all countries of the world, with focus on local government units, development goals and targets, economic activities, functions of government, and development agendas;
  • two atlasses:
    • an Actor Atlas, with actor maps for relevant territories;
      • each actor map has its own administrator;
      • actors' interactions comply to statutes that are listed in a statute book per territory;
      • multi-stakeholder initiatives are listed in an initiative book per territory;
    • an initiative atlas. Two global resources offer a related service:
    • recommendations to initiatives listed in the initiative atlas:
      • tag your shared content
      • employ three kinds of structured wikis for mutually aligning your communications to multiple stakeholders:
        • a baseline node provides a high-quality map of an area of concern;
        • a blueprint node supports agreeing a shared vision, and change targets for the area of concern.
        • an intervention or change node supports the implementation of an intervention, agreed by the stakeholders.
      • add content, or links to your content at the Social Capital Wikis in the languages (without online encyclopedia) (or with wikipedia) of the countries where you work.