In the explanation of the new planning and communications, let's focus on city consultations.

City Consultations

A concrete case is provided by the city consultation method that UN-HABITAT has promoted in its Urban Management Programme (Chapter: City Consultation). There is a vast amount of knowledge that has been acquired by UN-HABITAT experts, in collaboration with city authorities and stakeholders of several hundreds of cities of developing countries. For the moment most of this knowledge is captured in documents. Electronic versions of most of these documents are freely available from the UN-HABITAT website, yet the author of this page has not found any city consultation wiki for any of these developing country cities.

On the other hand. several cities of OECD member states have used wikis in city consultations. For example, Future Melbourne Wiki (2009), with Actor Atlas page.

An authentic and controlled consultation wiki for each city (and rural area, see Chapter: rural consultation), accessible to all stakeholders, including via telecentres, with suitable links to guidance material provided at specialized organisations, and in shared "reference wikis" would put much content in the immediate reach of stakeholders who can benefit from it, in ways elaborated somewhat more for the general case.