Identified Skills : Literacy - Numeracy - Digital Competence - Oral Communication - Civic Participation

Has good command of reading and writing as tools for work, leisure, development and learning

The adult should be able to

  • read various types of texts with good fluency and confidence
  • write texts of various genres, express himself/herself accurately and in a varied and nuanced vocabulary
  • adapt his/her reading and writing to various contexts and needs
  • extract, adapt and convey information from various types of sources in a critical way

Level 3 examples of arenas for reading and writing in private and social life, in working life, and in education and training were taken from Competence goals - Read and write (by Vox, Norway)] (page 7).

Competence goals

Develop basic reading and writing strategies

At this level the adult should be able to

  • compare relevant experience and preliminary understanding with the content of a topical text
  • pose relevant questions to a text
  • identify various genres and literary effects
  • read sentences and get the implication without focusing too much on individual words
  • manage both reading aloud and reading silently
  • organise the content of a text in various ways according to purpose
  • use various reading techniques: skim, scan or read closely according to purpose
  • reflect upon direct and indirect information in a text

Read and understand

At this level the adult should be able to

  • read various documents, articles or professional texts and extract the information that is important for a particular purpose
  • find specific information from various types of tables, graphs and digital texts
  • sum up the main points from a text both during the reading process and afterwards
  • understand the purpose of a text, including intentions that have not been clearly expressed
  • assess and compare information, ideas and opinions from various sources
  • judge whether the information given by one source is relevant and correct in relation to the task in question
  • make profitable use of various dictionaries and encyclopaedias

Write and communicate

At this level the adult should be able to

  • make a draft of a text
  • write clear, detailed texts in connection with his/her professional work and his/her own interests
  • write the minutes from a meeting
  • write clear and concise instructions and explanations for others
  • organise texts with a heading, an introduction and a conclusion
  • structure a text chronologically and thematically and make a cohesion between sentences and paragraphs
  • write a text of high information value, structure the textual content and argue for something in simple terms
  • relate critically to his/her own writing