This is the user guide and training resource for users of the services.

Target users include civil servants, journalists, citizen journalist, authors and teachers and their students. Skills for Civic Participation are particularly in focus as explained in the preface of this tutorial site (atria=public spaces, .us=from us, ours).

Low hurdle access to content commons that are shared via social media and often result from public and private sector initiatives (policies, programmes, projects, campaigns) will facilitate sustainable development communications and enhance our capacities of collaborative diagnostics and collaborative therapeutics to yield mutual trust among, and sustainable development also in:

  • Least Developed and Low Income Countries (per capita GNI1 < $935 in 2007)
  • Lower Middle Income Countries (per capita GNI $936— $3705 in 2007)
  • Upper Middle Income Countries (per capita GNI $3706— $11455 in 2007)