Why use #tags?

The benefits of the collaborative use of systematically defined hashtags are described here: Community based climate collaboration via #tags and wikis.

Specifically for Civil Servant (Public Official), these are some of the potential benefits.

The Model Code of Conduct for Public Officials specifies the standards of integrity and conduct to be observed by public officials, to help them meet those standards and to inform the public of the conduct it is entitled to expect of public officials.

The wikiworx platform will support both the public official and the public in knowing what is the law that pertains to the common situations in which the public official should carry out his or her duties.

Such support can be made explicit with respect to several general principles of the Code: (to be completed)

Your work can become much more effective and efficient once you start providing content in a systematized manner: your constituency will be grateful that there will finally be a coherent picture of what the public sector is doing, for whom, with which means and under what conditions.

The effcient spending of public money is one of your duties. By improving the value for money in your communications and services, means can be reallocated to priority causes, or taxes can be reduced. Your investment in systematized content commons will spur substantial social savings.

Why read #tagged content?

Invite the members of your constituency to #tag their questions, comments and feedback about services, or to give comments at the wiki pages dedicated to the #tag's topic.

By looking up recently tagged content, you will be more aware of the total support service offer that is in place already, before taking yet another fragmenting initiative.

Why contribute #tagged content?

Yes, you are a key provider of public content. The sooner you reduce access hurdles to such content, the better your constituency will know services, and will be empowered to ask questions and give feedback about what can be improved.

Depending on your country, the level and function of government in which you are working, you could identify the public content that matters for your work via:

Citizens are more likely to grasp the impact of your communications if those communications occur in an information context that is aligned with the real world context in which the information can be applied. The defined hashtags support such alignment.


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Not a Civil Servant (Public Official)?

Check out wikiworx.info team on the role and skill requirements of wiki editors.

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