Why use #tags?

The benefits of the collaborative use of systematically defined hashtags are described here: Community based climate collaboration via #tags and wikis.

Specifically for Entrepreneur, these are some of the potential benefits.

Systematized public content will allow you to reduce the knowledge management expenditures in your company and focus even more on your core business and value proposition.

If you are an industry leader, you may be well placed to determine what knowledge chunks are better provided as public content. Contribute to achieve accelerated sustainable development in your industry.

Why read #tagged content?

Dedicate some time, and periodically challenge your boundaries.

Why contribute #tagged content?

Yes, if you want to contribute as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility activities.
In other cases, it would depend on the industry you are in.


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Not a Entrepreneur?

Check out wikiworx.info team on the role and skill requirements of wiki editors.

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