Why use #tags?

The benefits of the collaborative use of systematically defined hashtags are described here: Community based climate collaboration via #tags and wikis.

Specifically for General Public, these are some of the potential benefits.

Systematized content commons on your municipality, country, or on global concerns will help you form a founded opinion on related matters.

If you consider donating to charities or similar entities, the systematized content commons will help you choosing those organisations that best match your intentions.

Why read #tagged content?

Increasingly, the systematized content commons will help you find answers to questions such as: why, where, when, how, who, for whom, what?

Why contribute #tagged content?

Yes, if you have a specific area of expertise, then become a member to anchor that expertise with the systematized content commons for improved access or profiling. Otherwise, visit as a guest.


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Not a General Public?

Check out wikiworx.info team on the role and skill requirements of wiki editors.

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