Why use #tags?

The benefits of the collaborative use of systematically defined hashtags are described here: Community based climate collaboration via #tags and wikis.

Specifically for Student, these are some of the potential benefits.

The systematized content commons are available as a growing web-based handbook, in which you and other students can ask questions or clarifications on each page. Learning will become more collaborative than it has ever been.

Consider to complement your project work with the provision of the related content commons, if they are not available yet. Don't forget to cite your sources!

Why read #tagged content?

Access to authentic content without the boundaries of the printed media and the implied perpetual burden of acquiring yet another book, paper or pdf.

Why contribute #tagged content?

Yes, when doing your (higher education) project work (on a development topic). By finding or checking in (into the content commons) information on your project contents, you will have immediate access to additional relevant facts.


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Not a Student?

Check out wikiworx.info team on the role and skill requirements of wiki editors.

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