Why use #tags?

The benefits of the collaborative use of systematically defined hashtags are described here: Community based climate collaboration via #tags and wikis.

Specifically for (non-fiction) e-Book Author, these are some of the potential benefits.

Passing on knowledge to readers will dramatically change as we make better use of systematized content commons.

As a (non-fiction) author you could create e-books with content that refers to the systematized content commons, focussing your work at genuine content, yet without the tedious work of rewording what is already in the public domain: you will link rather than reword existing prior work.

Depending on the scope of your work it can be promoted as a for-sale work at one or more specific pages in the content commons. Visitors and subscribers of those commons pages are your potential customers.

As an expert, you will be aware which content is in the public domain yet is not captured yet. By contributing this content to the systematized content commons you can build your reputation as an author.

Why read #tagged content?

Consider there is more that you don't know than that you know.

Why contribute #tagged content?

You have the ideal background and good reasons to contribute as a wikiworx team member.


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Not a (non-fiction) e-Book Author?

Check out wikiworx.info team on the role and skill requirements of wiki editors.

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